MOVING? Eliminate the Guesswork!

At Smartly Staged our focus is on helping buyers set up their new homes seamlessly, and with significantly less stress! Wendy Mellinger has developed a proven system to help you 'fit in' to your new home. 


-Catalogue your existing furnishings (furniture, rugs, artwork, accessories, etc.)

-Locate all of your furnishings in the plan of your new home (draw up a plan if not already available)

-Assist in deciding what to move, donate and/or acquire 

-Direct your movers on moving day for a seamless and worry free transition

-Continued personalized design support as needed 

floor plan example

 OLD HOME                                          INVENTORY CATALOGUED                                      NEW HOME  

     & DRAWN INTO NEW HOME PLAN         Office: 703.942.6316                      Mobile: 781.910.6049